Weehawken Public Schools

New Jersey

Weehawken High School is located at 53 Liberty Place, Weehawken,NJ  07086

  • We play B/G Basketball and G Volleyball at the high school. There is no parking lot. Street parking only.

  • Wrestling: See directions for Bogota HS; We no longer co-op with Secaucus HS

  • Varsity/ JV Football  and Varsity/JV Baseball will be played at Louis A. Ferullo Memorial Field in Weehawken Stadium, which is located atop the Lincoln Tunnel. The address is 372 Park Avenue, Weehawken, NJ 07086.
    It is a Field-turf facility, so please mention NO GUM, SEEDS, OR GATORADE on site. NO METAL CLEATS OR SPIKES. We also ask that you clean up your bench area after contest. No parking lot. Street parking only.
  • Varsity/JV B/G Soccer and Varsity/JV Softball will be played at the Weehawken Waterfront Park, Port Imperial Boulevard, Weehawken,NJ  07086. PLEASE REMOVE AND REVISE OLD “IMPORTANT” All visiting teams must bring their own water and ice. It is a Field-turf facility, so please mention NO GUM, SEEDS, OR GATORADE on site. NO METAL CLEATS OR SPIKES. We ask that you clean up your bench area after contest

NJ Turnpike
Exit 17 south-bound/Exit 16E north-bound. Follow signs for Lincoln Tunnel/495 East/3 East. Get off at last exit in NJ. After exiting, bear right and follow signs for tunnel. At light at bottom of hill (Boulevard East), turn left. NY Skyline will eventually be on your right side. Turn left at fourth light (Liberty Place); WHS is on left side of block. There is no parking lot. Main gym entrance is located at the bottom of Liberty Place hill on Highwood Avenue.

Kennedy Boulevard West to 43rd Street. If traveling north, turn right at 43rd Street;traveling south, turn left at 43rd Street. Travel east about seven blocks to Potter Place (One block after Park Avenue);turn right-WHS will be directly in front of you

If traveling Boulevard East south, make right turn at Liberty Place; traveling north, turn left at Liberty Place Weehawken Stadium (Baseball-Football-Soccer): Follow directions from NJ Turnpike above Pass entrance to Lincoln Tunnel and proceed to 19th Street-turn right. At next light, turn right on Park Avenue. Bear left as you travel;stadium will be on your right side, next to Weehawken Town Hall/Police Department. Street parking for stadium only; handicapped parking available Richard Arricale Memorial Field (Softball): Follow directions to WHS At bottom of hill, continue to traffic light and turn left (Park Avenue) Turn into the Pathmark Shopping Center & park in back of lot for field

Directions to Weehawken’s New Waterfront Facility for SOCCER and SOFTBALL
Note: (*Varsity football and varsity JV Baseball will continue to be played at Weehawken Stadium)

NJ Turnpike/495 East/3 East/17 North-South. Get off last exit in New Jersey or Boulevard East South. Follow Signs for Lincoln Tunnel/Hoboken(Weehawken Stadium on right). At traffic light past stadium, turn left at Baldwin Avenue (Port Authority administration building is landmark). New Fields on right about 50 yards. Turn into second driveway & park in designated areas or River Rd. South to Weehawken-Complex on River Side or Enter at Lincoln Harbor-River Road North-Complex on Right.

All visiting teams must bring their own water & ice (there is no electricity yet)
Port-A-Jons are available, no permanent bathrooms yet.  The complex will be completed by the end of September when electricity, running water & regular bathroom facilities will be available.

No GUM, SEEDS, FOOD or DRINKING permitted on site. No METAL CLEATS OR SPIKES. Please clean up your bench after contest.