Meadowlands- Division B


                                                                     DIVISION B – 2012 NJIC MEADOWLANDS

    First Team

First Base Robert Moran SR. Weehawken
Infield Ryan Hennessy JR. Wood-Ridge
Infield Joe Crabbe JR. Hasbrouck Heights
Infield Kenny Minier SR. Weehawken
Outfield Kidane Rutty SR. St. Mary’s
Outfield David Strandberg JR. Weehawken
Outfield Joe Bohnarczyk SR. Wallington
Catcher Jason Pineda SR. Weehawken
Catcher Dan Bielitz SR. St. Mary’s
Utility Joe Barbiera JR. Wood-Ridge
Utility Dante Cieri JR. Weehawken
D.H. Rob Klenk SOPH. Hasbrouck Heights
D.H. Anthony Ferrentino SR. St. Mary’s
Pitcher Sal Mendez JR. Weehawken
Pitcher Dean Loucka SR. Wood-Ridge
Pitcher Ray Espinosa JR. Hasbrouck Heights
Pitcher Elvis Soriano SR. Wallington
Pitcher Bryan Cuevas SR. St. Mary’s
COACH OF THE YEAR Michael Carchich Wood-Ridge
COACH OF THE YEAR Anthony Station Weehawken


  Second Team

First Base Mike Pasqualone SR. Hasbrouck Heights
First Base Giusseppe Tutoglione SR. Wood-Ridge
Infield Danny Pastor SR. Wallington
Infield Willie Krajnik SOPH. St. Mary’s
Infield Chris Abramo SR. Hasbrouck Heights
Infield Donovan Vidal SOPH. Saddle Brook
Outfield Mike Matteis SOPH. Hasbrouck Heights
Outfield John Rabol SR. Wood-Ridge
Outfield Rafael Totesault JR. Weehawken
Catcher George DeCesne SR. Wood-Ridge
Pitcher Chris Alonso SR. Saddle Brook
Pitcher Sean Waldron SOPH. Hasbrouck Heights
Pitcher Jimmy McCall JR. Weehawken
Pitcher Jack Montgomery SR. St. Mary’s


Honorable Mention

  Max Belcaro JR. Saddle Brook
  Gabe Toledo JR. Hasbrouck Heights
  Mike Labriola SOPH. Wallington
  Miguel Montilla SR. Weehawken
  Walter Lazorczyk JR. St. Mary’s
  Nick Champino SOPH. Wood-Ridge


                                                      COACH OF THE YEAR: Michael Carchich and Anthony Station

TEAM                                              RECORD

St. Mary’s                                   13-1 (Two games to play)

Wood-Ridge                               12-4

Hasbrouck Heights                   11-4 (One game to play)

Weehawken                               9-7  (One game to play)

Wallington                                7-8  (One game to play)

Saddle Brook                             4-12