NJIC Softball


COACH OF THE YEAR: Jack Casimiro – Ridgefield

Position & Name Grade School
Pitcher Alexis Monroy 12 New Milford
Pitcher Marissa Semeraro 11 Ridgefield
Pitcher Jackie Lara 10 Ridgefield
Pitcher Jennifer Petruzzelli 12 Secaucus
Catcher Emily Sailer 12 New Milford
Catcher Kayla Nicolich 11 Secaucus
1st Base MaryKate Doran 11 New Milford
1stBase Alyson Toman 12 Secaucus
Infield Shannon Springstead 12 New Milford
Infield Haley Leahy 12 Leonia
Infield Jonice Concha 12 Ridgefield
Infield Haley Duffy 12 Lyndhurst
Outfield Justine Ricciardelli 12 New Milford
Outfield Brielle Mattiello 12 Secaucus
Outfield Amanda Baric 12 Ridgefield
Outfield Monica Laverty 12 Lyndhurst
Utility Skylar Hanley 12 Leonia
Utility Giana Nerney 12 Lyndhurst
Utility Caitlyn Magala 12 New Milford
Position & Name Grade School
Pitcher   Alexia Cortez 10  Queen of Peace
Pitcher   Lily Lucca-Bederka 11 Leonia
Pitcher Olivia McMullen 11 Lyndhurst
Pitcher   Jenna Vieira 9 Harrison
Catcher Janet Yoo 12 Leonia
Catcher Kierra Lucas 10 Harrison
1st Base Leah Jacobson 10 Dwight Englewood
1st  Base Hailey Walsh 11 Ridgefield
Infield Natalie Miller 11 New Milford
Infield Elizabeth Gold 12 Leonia
Infield Heather Goldfarb 12 Dwight Englewood
Infield Betsaida Gutierrez 11 Harrison
Outfield Mia Guinta 11 Ridgefield
Outfield Julia Peschetti 12 Secaucus
Outfield Nicole Marino 12 Dwight Englewood
Outfield Ashley Ruivo 11 Queen of Peace
Name Grade School
Caitlin Castel 10  Ridgefield
Emily Katz 10 Dwight Englewood
Gianna Zena 9 Secaucus
Genna Ricciardi 10 Lyndhurst
Raquel Santiago 12 Leonia
Angelique Estremera 10 Harrison
Casey Schreck 11 New Milford
Brittney Santiago 10 Queen of Peace
Kergely Solis 11 Bergen Charter