NJIC Softball

DIVISION: Meadowlands

CO-CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS: Becton & Immaculate Conception

COACH OF THE YEAR: Joe Coffaro - Becton

Position & Name Grade School
Pitcher- Carly Polmann 12 Becton
Catcher- Maddie Weir 11 Immaculate Conception
First Base –Abby Tabaka 11 Immaculate Conception
Infield- Nicole Henke 11 Becton
Outfield- Brooke Freschi 10 Hasbrouck Heights
At large- Tyler Saunders 12 Weehawken
At large- Elizabeth Connelly 12 Hasbrouck Heights
At large- Savanna McHale 9 Weehawken
At large- Morgan Tomlinson 11 Weehawken
At large- Daphne Santos 11 Immaculate Conception
At large- Samantha Bosque 11 Immaculate Conception
At large- Emma Romano 11 Becton
At large- Rhi’Anna Gomez 9 North Arlington
At large- Gabby Santora 11 Saddle Brook
At large- Hailey Backo 11 Wallington
At large- Brooke Biamonte 12 Wood-Ridge
At large- Brianna Stellato 11 Wood-Ridge
At large- Zionna Loftin 12 Weehawken
At large- Anelise Worrell- O’Keefe 11 Wallington
At large- Maira Guiterrez 11 North Arlington
Position & Name Grade School
Pitcher- Meghan Stellhorn 10 Hasbrouck Heights
Catcher- Kayla O’Brien 12 Becton
First Base- Annaa DiMase 12 Wood-Ridge
Infield- Anna Zielonka 9 Wallington
Outfield- Alyssa Kirk 11 Becton
At large- Emma Baker 12 Wood-Ridge
At large- Leah Reiter 12 Wood-Ridge
At large- Ella Marchesani 10 Saddle Brook
At large- Abigail DePeri 10 Saddle Brook
At large- Madison Ramirez 9 Paterson Charter School
At large- Jeylene Joza 9 North Arlington
At large- Lauren O’Shea 12 Becton
At large- Caitlin Nozka 11 Becton
At large- Gabby Doncoes 10 Immaculate Conception
At large- Amanda Novack 11 Immaculate Conception
At large- Felicia Carty 12 Becton
At large- Hailey Kassteen 11 Wallington
At large- Emily Felten 12 Wallington
Honorable Mention Grade School
Ava McLaren 11 Becton
Victoria DeVoto 12 Immaculate Conception
Bianca Diaz 11 St. Mary’s
Victoria Nieves 12 Wood-Ridge
Mia Gagliano 10 Hasbrouck Heights
Grace Leone 12 Saddle Brook
Kenna Clarke 12 Paterson Charter School
Madison Kruk 12 Wallington
Shaelyn Males 10 North Arlington
Arlene Reynoso 12 Weehawken