NJIC Softball

DIVISION: Meadowlands

CO- CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMs: Weehawken and Wallington

COACH OF THE YEAR: Raquel Roder - Weehawken

Position & Name Grade School
Pitcher-Savanna McHale 10 Weehawken
Catcher-Maddy Weir 12 Immaculate Conception
1B-Caitlin Nozka 12 Becton
IF-Nicole Henke 12 Becton
OF-Abbey Tabaka 12 Wallington
At-large-Daphne Santos 12 Immaculate Conception
At-large-Gabby Santora 12 Saddle Brook
At-large Delilah Tabaka  9 Wallington
At-large-Mackenzie Riordan  9 Hasbrouck Heights
At-large-Envey Duran 9 Weehawken
At-large-Morgan Gurdak  9 Wallington
At-large-Morgan Tomlinson 12 Weehawken
At-large-Brooke McHale  9 Weehawken
At-large-Brianna Stellato 12 Wood-Ridge
At-large-Shaelyn Males 11 North Arlington
At-large-Hailey Backo 12 Wallington
At-large-Sam Bosques 11 Immaculate Conception
At-large-Rhi’Anna Gomez 10 North Arlington
At-large-Anelise O’Keefe 12 Wallington
Position & Name Grade School
At-large-Mia Ianneillo 10 Saddle Brook
At-large-Stella Cahill-Slowak  9 Saddle Brook
At-large-Athena Fairley 10 Saddle Brook
At-large-Gabby Kaminski 12 North Arlington
At-large-Grace Alho 11 North Arlington
At-large-Jeylene Joza 10 North Arlington
At-large-Anna Lisse Vasquez 10 Hasbrouck Heights
At-large-Sarielys Rodriguez Martinez 10 Paterson Charter
At-large-Yarielin Galloza 11 Paterson Charter
At-large-Demi Dembinski 10 Becton
At-large-Alyssa Kirk 12 Becton
At-large-Francesca Buda  9 Becton
At-large-Jaida Hastings  9 Saint Mary
At-large-Amanda Novak 12 Immaculate Conception
At-large-Alyssa Cell 12 Immaculate Conception
At-large-Hailey Kassteen 12 Wallington
At-large-Brooke Goldyn  9 Wallington
At-large-Gabby Deyne  9 Wallington
At-large-Sofia Diaz 11 Wood-Ridge
At-large-Giovanna Notaro 12 Weehawken
Name Grade School
Katherine Thompson 11 Weehawken
Ava Rizos 10 Wood-Ridge
Bianca Diaz 12 Saint Mary
Isabella Gjorgoski 11 Saddle Brook
Madison Ramirez 10 Paterson Charter
Sanaya Rodriguez  9 Immaculate Conception
Anna Zielonka 10 Wallington
Vivianna DaSilva 12 North Arlington
Emma Romano 12 Becton
Caylie Daniels 10 Hasbrouck Heights