NEW MILFOR tennis players2

Alex Davidoff, Zach Calle and Chris Wong (above, left to right) are the Three Musketeers of North Jersey Tennis.


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The New Milford trio plays singles, are best friends, and are all going to Ramapo College next year.
“They’re all honors students and academically motivated,” Knights coach Joe Manzo said. “They’re going different ways in terms of majors but they’re going to do it together.”

Over the past four years, Davidoff, Calle and Wong have leaned on each other in school and on the courts. Calle said they were close before high school but the sport brought them even closer.
“Whether we were winning or losing, we built a different kind of relationship than we had before,” Calle said.
“Going to the same college, I feel safer in a way … a little more comfortable. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”
This season, Wong is playing first singles with Calle and Davidoff following in the order. Calle said they’re “neck and neck” in terms of ability and that even when they play each other, they help each other.
“If I’m playing one of those guys and they hit a bad shot I’ll say, ‘Hey … you can do better than that,” Calle said. “The important thing is the team.”
“They respect the game and they respect each other,” added Manzo. “I couldn’t be more proud of those guys.”